What’s next? No, really, I’m asking.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Leading/Reading. I sat there, all by myself, this month, finally killing time while I waited by reading my latest Corinna Chapman novel. To say that interest is waning is an understatement. But what to do?

The Chamber, I believe, would really like to see the group keep going. I’m not sure how to attract more attention and garner more interest. We (the group, brainstorming) have thought of a few things:

  • Focus on one aspect of business or personal development (marketing, leadership, employee relations, etc.) each month, or each quarter,
  • Feature individuals doing reviews on subjects they’re more-or-less experts about, like Roy Krymis talking about animal rescue or film making books,
  • Require everyone to submit a written review. (Yeah, because that’ll get more people to come…).

Any suggestions?

Submit an idea in a comment, and I’ll draw a name (from the, I’m sure, many, many responses) and give away a copy of L/R member Anita Brock‘s very funny Out, About and Around. I’ve read it myself, and it’s frequently laugh-out-loud funny. So think of something we/I can do to build up this group, and get a copy for yourself for free! (Come by the Leading/Reading meeting some time, and Anita will even autograph it for you!)

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